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    Our Mission

    Phoenix Team Selfie

    Who is Phoenix?

    At Phoenix Creative Solutions we understand the hurdles of being noticed and heard as a local business. As entrepreneurs from minority communities ourselves, we intimately connect with the struggle to carve a niche and ensure your business shines in the spotlight.

    Our mission is clear: to be the guiding light you need; a growth partner that empathizes and proactively addresses your unique challenges with equally unique solutions.

    Meet our Experts

    Each one of us, with our unique set of skills and experiences, will contribute to the success of your business.

    picture of our expert Mario Ramirez

    Successful businessman Mario founded Phoenix Creative Solutions with the mission to help small businesses, especially those in under-served communities.
    With his leadership skills and strong moral compass, he guides us as we work on that mission every day.

    Mario Ramirez

    The Idea Man

    picture of our expert Kay Dunham-Torres

    As the Creative Director, Kay is responsible for all visual aspects of a project, including graphics, imagery, colors, logos, and more. With a background in illustration and graphic design, Kay is a multi-tool when it comes to all things visual.

    Kay Dunham-Torres

    The Artist

    picture of our expert Belen Soria

    Belen is the woman behind the scenes who keeps track of Phoenix’s stats and keeps us afloat. Her aptitude for numbers and her passion for Phoenix’s work and impact make Belen an integral part of our team.

    Belen Soria

    The Master of Numbers

    picture of our expert Kyle Erickson

    With a BA in marketing from Washington State University, Kyle is Phoenix’s Account Manager who is responsible communicating with clients, developing marketing strategies for clients, & assisting in the development of websites for clients.

    Kyle Erickson

    The Kid

    picture of our expert Kira Crandall

    Kira Crandall has been in Sales and Marketing for over 8 years. She has been trained and goes through continuous training in social media management, lead generation, brand awareness and client relationships, on top of her own coaching and course businesses.

    Kira Crandall

    The People Whisperer

    picture of our expert Javier Contreras

    A behind-the-scenes member of the Phoenix team, Javier works as the accounting expert to manage the financial side of Phoenix and provide guidance to clients. To keep his mind fresh, Javier enjoys exercising, especially running.

    Javier Contreras

    The Man Behind The Curtain

    Why Phoenix?

    We’re not like every other marketing firm out there. We’re deeply rooted in our mission to uplift the under-served and guide them to succeed.

    Get in touch today and let’s write your winning story together.

    phoenix creative solutions team
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